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Whether your client is searching for adventure, romance or simply wants some rest and relaxation in paradise, Jamaica is the perfect destination. As one of the most diverse places in the world, Jamaica is the ideal destination for family holidays, adventure holidays and weddings and honeymoons. As the third largest island in the Caribbean, Jamaica is filled with a fantastic range of attractions and activities for all.


Map of Jamaica

Jamaica is located in the middle of the warm Caribbean Sea, just south of Cuba, and west of Hispanola (the island split between Haiti and Dominican Republic). Jamaica evolved from the arc of an ancient volcano which erupted out of the sea millions of years ago.

In terms of geography there are three regions: the eastern Blue & John Crow Mountains region; the central valleys and plateaus, and the coastal plains which includes Negril, Montego Bay and the South Coast. Half the island is over 300 metres in elevation with the Blue Mountain Peak being the highest point at 2500 metres.

Tainos were the first inhabitants of Jamaica and the name Jamaica is derived from the Taino word Xaymaca which means land of wood and water. Xaymaca is an appropriate name as the island has over 120 rivers and streams, many waterfalls and tropical rainforests.




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